Helicon Master 62 Dive Watch in Claret

Crafting Elegance: The Story Behind the Claret Edition

In the realm of bespoke watchmaking, our journey took an extraordinary turn when Danielle and I were entrusted with creating a unique dial for a Swiss watchmaker. The dial was not destined for mass production but conceived as a 'piece unique'—a singular masterpiece for a mysterious celebrity client with a penchant for the colour red.

Embarking on this artistic endeavour, we delved into the rich tapestry of red, a colour steeped in cultural significance. Navigating the myriad of shades, we found inspiration in the world of red wines, with a sommelier's discerning eye guiding us to the allure of claret—a tone that resonated deeply with our vision.

Our workshop became a haven for experimentation, where months of meticulous work unfolded. Layering thin, translucent coats of rich regal reds on a brass sunray etched dial, hand-finished lacquer applied to achieve a dial that mirrored the nuanced beauty of fine claret. Much like holding a glass up to the light, our creation danced with variations—transforming under cloudy skies, bright lights, and the embrace of natural light.

When the one-of-a-kind watch found its way to the client, their delight was our greatest reward. However, the allure of that exceptional dial lingered, leading to the birth of the Claret edition within the Helicon Master project. Behind the scenes, this red dial, a masterpiece in its own right, surpassed the cost of an entire Helicon watch.

With unwavering dedication and collaboration with our esteemed dial maker, we navigated the intricate path of prototyping and testing. The result? The Claret edition, an embodiment of luxury and sophistication, is limited to a mere 50 pieces worldwide. Its design, a symphony of techniques including a gentle sunray, layers of alternating colours, and a high lacquer finish, ensures a timepiece that not only captivates but also dynamically responds, to the play of light.

Embrace the Claret edition—an exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation—a testament to the artistry that defines the Helicon Master Collection.