New Limited Edition Helicon X MbE
New Limited Edition Helicon X MbE

Inspirational Iridium

Hand spun to give a subtle but effective fumé or smoked finish, with a lighter centre graduating to a darker edge. Think ‘tiger eye’ and you’ve got it
The Helicon Master 62 in Iridium
The Helicon Master 62 in Iridium

Introducing the Blue Hour

Featuring our first blue ceramic bezel
The Helicon Master 62 Blue Hour
The Helicon Master 62 Blue Hour

The Master 62 in Lichen

A Dive Watch built for Modern Adventures.
The Helicon Master 62 in Lichen
The Helicon Master 62 in Lichen

Meet the Team Behind Helicon: Danielle & Jonathan

With over two decades of combined experience in the world of watches, we are Danielle and Jonathan, a husband and wife team who share a deep passion for curating, creating, and connecting collectors and enthusiasts with timepieces from renowned watchmakers.

Our Journey

Over the years, we have had the privilege of curating and selling watches at various price levels, representing a spectrum of watchmaking excellence. Our close involvement in conceptualizing and developing numerous watch models has provided us with invaluable insights into this fascinating industry.

The Birth of Helicon

Helicon is the culmination of our shared passion and the wisdom gained from our industry friends and colleagues. It's a project born out of love, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Helicon represents limited editions of numbered watches, each meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of quality and guaranteed rarity. Our aim is to ensure that every Helicon owner takes pride in wearing a timepiece that is not only beautifully designed but also a true symbol of exclusivity.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we bring you timepieces that are more than just watches – they are statements of luxury, craftsmanship, and individuality.

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We are proud of our Five Star Trustpilot reviews, see what our customers had to say!

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Something truly special

There are a plethora of new watches from up-and-coming microbrands to choose from at the moment so it takes something special to capture your imagination. Great design is one thing but a great story can make the difference. The Helicon Master 62 has both

The attention to detail, custom design elements like the bespoke alternating red and black numbered date wheel and the weight on the wrist add up to a quality contemporary piece with impeccable 1960’s design lineage. It hasn’t left my wrist since it arrived. Combine that with personalised service from folk who seem to really care about their product and the customers who buy them and you’ve got a memorable experience. Best of luck with the business and I hope there’s plenty more to come! CJ

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Personal, tailored service

"I feel like a member of the brand for life now. You don't get to speak to the owner of many companies but you do with Helicon. I would recommend checking out the product, it's very special".


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Stunningly made watch

"with details that keep you stealing glances as the days, weeks, months, go on. It's a fantastic daily, as it's as hardy as they come, and it still draws eyes when the day is winding down!".


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Great Watch, Great Experience

Communication and delivery were fast. I got the Blue Hour which is stunning and lives up to the reviews. I've read. Also appreciate the taper on the bracelet.


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I love the bezel so much

"I have just worn my Lichen tonight, just noticed why I love this bezel so much .... it's oversized edges feel completely different to any other watch I have. It looks so good, feels even better. Do any other watches have this. The attention to detail is amazing.


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Wonderful vintage/modern dive

I bought my Helicon 62 Master Granite and it's a wonderful vinatge/modern dive watch with great dimensions and lume - I love it. Super support and advice too from the expert Helicon crew.


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Absolutely excellent service

Absolutely excellent service and a brilliant watch. I would highly recommend Helicon watches to anyone interested in a unique and high quality product.


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It Hasn't Left My Wrist

.......Great design is one thing but a great story can make the difference. The Helicon Master 62 has both. I chose the unique lichen green dial which while looking great in the photos is something else again in person. I knew I’d like the watch but wasn’t prepared for how much I love it. .........