Exploring the World of Horology at WindUp Watch Fair in NYC

Exploring the World of Horology at WindUp Watch Fair in NYC

We've just returned from the WindUp Watch Fair in the heart of New York City, and what a great experience it was. As long-time friends and fans of the Worn & Wound Blog, we had always wanted to attend WindUp, an event organised by the very same team. This October, we finally made our way to the Altman Building in Manhattan to get a feel for the fair, and we were in for a treat.

The WindUp Watch Fair, unlike many other events, is open to anyone, free of charge. We arrived at noon on the first day, and there was already a long queue forming. What sets this show apart is its ability to bring together watch brands from around the world and, in many cases, provide an opportunity for watch enthusiasts to meet the actual creators behind the watches they love.

Navigating the fair is a breeze, spread across two floors. It's impressive how the Worn & Wound team manages to pack so much into such a manageable space. The fair featured a diverse range of brands, from industry giants like G-Shock and Citizen to the rising stars in the world of microbrands. Even for those of us within the industry, it's a great place to catch up with the founders, exchange ideas, and truly feel like part of a watchmaking family.

One of our main highlights was helping out at the Autodromo stand. It was a pleasure to see Bradley Price's latest collection. We've known Bradley since he embarked on his journey in 2011, and it's inspiring to see how he continues to introduce exciting new timepieces. His all-digital Group C was a hit, pushing the concept of '80s digital watches to new heights with its finely finished and machined stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, manufactured in Switzerland by the same supplier who works with Patek Philippe.

Our encounter with Guillaume from Nivada Grenchen was another memorable moment. We had the chance to see some of his classic chronographs and the forthcoming contemporary F77. Lorier showcased their amazing and sold-out collection, and their use of Hesalite in their latest Neptune was an inspired choice. Our old friends from Laco in Pforzheim, Germany, known for manufacturing the original Type A and B Flieger watches, had some incredible new releases that offered true German quality and value.

WindUp Watch Fair truly is an international affair. Attendees from the UK were well-represented, with Christopher Ward displaying an extensive lineup. We were delighted to catch up with old friend Jose from Isotope and his incredible Moonshot Chronograph. James Lamb's truly handcrafted Original series and the artisans at AnOrdain from Glasgow showcased their stunning new Model 3. The French watchmaking scene was also strongly represented, with brands like Baltic and our personal favourite, Serica, featuring their chronometer-certified 5053.

Yet, above all the watches and brands, what truly made WindUp special was the people we met. People from all over the world who were as passionate as we were about being up close and immersed in the world of horology. It was a gathering of like-minded individuals who shared our excitement.

As for the future, will you see Helicon at a WindUp Watch Fair soon? Watch this space for updates, and we can't wait to share more horological adventures with you in the future.

In conclusion, our visit to the WindUp Watch Fair in NYC was a thrilling journey through the world of horology. The Altman Building served as the perfect backdrop for this gathering of watch enthusiasts and brands. It's an event that captures the essence of what makes the watch community so unique - the passion, the craftsmanship, and the people who share this common interest.