Welcome to this, the very first blog from The Helicon Watch Company.

In these blogs, we will be bringing you the very latest news of developments, here at The Helicon Watch Company. Detailed and informative features on our watches and our love for the world of watchmaking.

At Helicon we have one aim; To create watches that you will love and treasure and, equally as important, watches you will want to wear each and every day. If you are a watch fan and/or collector, you will know the pleasure, both aesthetic and functional, that makes a fine watch a joy to both wear and own.

In this first blog we want to explain what it is that makes The Helicon Watch Company different.

In our time, we have sold thousands of watches costing from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Over the years, we have made many friends within the industry, artisans, historians, designers, manufacturers and, of course, experienced watchmakers but most importantly, a client base over many years, many of whom have become friends and from whom we have learnt so much. We have been involved in the concept, design and manufacturing of many successful watches from manufacturers all over the world and have had the privilege of visiting famous Watchmakers all over the world from France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Using all of our knowledge and experience we will create limited runs of timepieces designed by us and engineered in collaboration with some of the best watchmakers in the world. Every component devised, engineered and manufactured to our designs with their total support. We have known these people for a long time!

Now here’s the very important part. 

We will produce our watches in strictly limited numbered series. Once they are sold out, they will not be repeated. In the past our collaborations have sold quickly and now are in much demand in the pre-owned market. We want our customers to own watches that are as rare as they are good looking. Indeed if you see a Helicon in the wild, you are in rare company. Do say hello! Above all we want your new Helicon watch to be affordable and accessible. A watch you choose to wear everyday and enjoy without worry!

We will not offer our watches unless they are in stock, ready to ship. No Kickstarter, no pre order. When we release, we are ready to ship. Of course once our watches are sold out, they are gone and we will focus only on one project at a time. 

Previous collaborations have sold out in a matter of hours. We urge you to join our mailing list. As a mailing list member, you will receive pre-order information, development updates and exclusive news. We will also be holding very special and exclusive events both physically and virtually which you won’t want to miss.