Helicon Watches: Craftmanship, Community and Exclusive Events

Helicon Watches: Craftmanship, Community and Exclusive Events

At Helicon Watches, our mission extends beyond creating the best watches we can. We aim to craft timepieces that truly resonate with people.

Meeting our customers in person and sharing the story behind our watches is incredibly rewarding. We love discussing every detail and hearing feedback firsthand. While online comments can be harsh, our face-to-face interactions are overwhelmingly positive. It's rare for a company to have its owner or designer personally guide a potential owner through the inspiration, creation, and realisation of a watch.

Many online videos focus on low-priced watches from sites like AliExpress. However, these "invisible" brands lack the personal connection and direct contact with the passionate creators behind the products. Helicon Watches are for those who value this connection and choose to invest wisely. 

Last week, we hosted our first Helicon summer party on legendary Chiltern Street in London's Marylebone. The event took place at Grey Flannel, just a few doors down from the renowned Chiltern Firehouse, a hotspot for A-list celebrities. Grey Flannel, a staple in London’s fashion and style scene since the 1980s, is home to our good friend Timothy Everest MBE and his bespoke atelier. Tim is globally recognised not only for his role in the ‘Cool Britannia’ fashion movement of the 1990s but also for styling numerous celebrities and actors in movies such as Mission Impossible, Skyfall, and Alien Resurrection. 

We proudly showcased our Limited Edition collaboration with Tim’s eponymous collective, MbE (Made By Everyone), and unveiled our new Skin Diver Collection, featuring high-quality FKM rubber skin diver straps in various colours.

Our party, blessed by summer sunshine, spilled onto the street, where we welcomed old friends and made new ones, including groups from The Watch Collectors Club and Red Bar. There were even surprise celebrity appearances – watch our video closely to spot a famous funk/soul singer!

Our weekend continued as we travelled to Solihull for the annual WatchIt! Watch Fair with 12&60. Engaging with new watch enthusiasts is vital to us, and we were thrilled to be among the ‘best of British’ brands. The event, attended by over 500 people, allowed us to meet many new faces and hopefully make lasting connections.

Thank you to everyone who acquired a new Helicon Master. As a small independent watchmaker, each customer is essential to us. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to pursue our passion for building a community of Helicon owners, many of whom we hope to call friends