What Makes A Helicon Watch Dial Different

What Makes A Helicon Watch Dial Different

George Bernard Shaw once wrote, "You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul."

Now, this may seem a very literary way to start a blog about our watch dials, but we do have a point. Many people out in the land of the internet spend much time talking about watch movements, case sizes, and lume, but we think that what always draws us to a watch is its face—the dial, to use the correct term.

How many times have you met someone and knew from their face, before they uttered a word, that you were going to become friends? We are absolutely sure that you remember the first time you saw a treasured watch in your collection and knew that you had to own it—or aspire to own it one day! In fact, we can bet that once you saw that watch, that dial, you could not forget it!

It’s the same for Danielle and I, and that is why we spend an inordinate amount of time on each and every dial, from form and function to beauty, and that’s before we look at colour and finishing. Each of our dials has its own specification, from the etched sunray fumée of the Iridium orange to the deep multi-layered lacquer of the Claret to the ombré sparkle of the blue and orange Blue Hour to the metal flake in our Lichen green, and even the satin finish of our Granite dial.

And here is the detail: we make just 50 pieces of each colour variant of our watches, and each dial is the responsibility of one person, Amy. Unlike many brands that ‘print’ their dials, our dials are handmade.

All our watches are now complete and available for immediate dispatch, but we made a little demonstration for you. Each dial starts as a brass blank to which feet are soldered as attachment points. The dial is then given an undercoat of 1500 microfine surfacer formulated in Japan. We then apply the various layers of silver and green to give that glorious colour with a sparkle that creates a wonderful three-dimensional shimmer. Of course, on dials like the Blue Hour and our MbE collaboration with its colour gradient, each dial is completely unique—a wonderful example of the art of hand finishing. After that, we tampo print our logo, model and depth rating, and then we add our in-house plated and polished ‘cathedral’ indices. Together with our custom-designed roulette date wheel, it's a watch rich in individuality and detail.

Helicon watches are NOT mass-produced. There are just 50 pieces in each colour, and when the Master Collection is sold out, it’s gone for good. Many Helicon owners now own multiple pieces.

Like art, an individual watch like a Helicon is a statement of your personality, taste, and style.