Skin Deep - Enhancing your Dive Watch with the right strap

Skin Deep - Enhancing your Dive Watch with the right strap

In the post World War II era, the sport of scuba diving saw immense growth, largely driven by Jacques Cousteau's 1942 invention of the Aqualung.

Before the advent of digital dive computers, a reliable waterproof watch was a crucial piece of diving equipment. This burgeoning leisure sport, along with the expanded use of professional divers for commercial and military purposes, presented a golden opportunity for the watch industry to rise to the challenge.

During this period, we witnessed the introduction of many legendary diving watches. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms was launched in 1953, followed by the Rolex Submariner a year later. Seiko entered the fray in 1965 with the 62MAS, and later with the innovative 6159-022, known to dive watch enthusiasts as the Tuna Can.

Equally important was the development of the rubber dive watch strap. Unlike ordinary rubber, vulcanized rubber—enhanced through a chemical process—offered superior water resistance, dust repellence, strength, and colour retention in direct sunlight. These original straps, produced by now-defunct manufacturers like Aqua GS, have become collectors' items.

Inspired by these pioneering straps, Helicon Watches is proud to present our own 'Skin Diver' straps. Featuring the classic look of the original 'Big Hole Tropic' vented design, our straps incorporate the latest in strap technology. 

Our Skin Diver straps are crafted from FKM Rubber, a modern material used in aviation and aerospace for its resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It is also supremely resistant to UV rays and fading. This robust material is not only durable but also soft, supple, and comfortable to wear.

Available in a 20mm lug width, tapering to 10mm, our straps come in a selection of colours that perfectly complement each dial of the Helicon Master family. They are the perfect summer companion, and we've had great fun mixing and matching our straps.

Available now while stocks last. Dive into history with Helicon Watches.