Choosing the Right Watch? A Customer POV

Choosing the Right Watch? A Customer POV

In late 2022, I was seeking ways to improve my mental health as I had been struggling for a couple of years due to the pandemic and other changes in my life. 

During this time, I rediscovered my passion for horology. I began watching YouTubers discussing watches, followed watch brands and reviewers on Instagram, and even started writing articles and posts for Scottish Watches. I also joined the British Watch and Clock Makers Alliance. 

At the beginning of 2023, I came across a British brand called Helicon on Instagram. I was given the opportunity to write a review of their Helicon Master 62 for Scottish Watches, and I was pleasantly surprised by how approachable and personable Jonathan and Danielle, the people behind the brand, were. 

After reaching out, I had the chance to speak to Jonathan on the phone about the story of Helicon and the craftsmanship behind the watch. The attention to detail and passion put into the brand and the watch were truly inspiring. Following our conversation, I received number 1 of 50 of the Lichen dial to review, and after trying it on and spending time with it, I knew I wanted the watch. Sometimes you just know when you've found the right watch, and the Master 62 was one of those watches for me. 

What convinced me to buy the watch after reviewing it, and why do I like it? It's a limited edition watch with only 50 units in each dial colour, housed in a well-engineered case that includes a custom-made anti-magnetic cage and features a high-quality Seiko movement, all for less than £600. 

The weight and polished finishes of the watch and bracelet also exude quality. 

The deciding factors for me were that I got my favourite number (11) and the beautifully designed dial. The dial is special as it showcases a different colour spectrum in any type of light. The metallic dusting on the dial adds a classy touch, playing with the light in a captivating way. Additionally, the substantial amount of lume on the indices and bezel keeps you engaged with the watch in the dark. The date wheel changing from red to black is a great little surprise. 

Buying a Helicon watch feels like befriending a brand, which is a unique experience in today's market. I'm excited to see what Helicon comes up with next, and my best advice to others is to buy one - you won't regret it.

Written by Phil