In The Press

In The Press

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too loudly. We are humble people. But we have been blown away by features written, personal revues and some incredible messages.

We spent a long time creating the Helicon Master but it’s only when each watch goes its own way on the wrists of different owners, that we enjoy the warm glow of satisfaction that comes with a job well done. We made the Helicon Master as a watch happy to be worn every day and that is what we hope owners are now doing. There are now Helicon owners on all continents. Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Incredible.

It is also extremely gratifying to have received some incredible reviews. The Helicon Master has glowing reviews from Scottish Watches and the excellent Mainspring Watch review sites. We recommend you follow them on all their channels.

We are members of a community of watch fans who support each other. It was however a total surprise when we were voted a place within the Top 5 Microbrand Watches under €1,000 in 2023 by the illustrious, nay legendary, Fratello Watches. Founded in 2004 by Robert-Jan Broer, this brand has been instrumental in growing the online watch community. True to their name, Fratello is the Dutch word for brotherhood. Fratello are also admired for their work on the Omega speedmaster, Universe and Swiss watchmaking legends such as Oris. Imagine how pleased we were that we, little old Helicon, a husband and wife team from London, were chosen without warning or prior collaboration of any sort to join a top 5 list along with the likes of Christopher Ward, Lorien, Maen and Branch. We are still amazed!

But, there is more! Apparently, we have been featured in the British issue of GQ. Thanks to our appearance in GQ, we sold the Helicon Master to some amazing new customers and friends. If you should have a copy of the feature, please get in touch.

Our brand, Helicon, will always remain small and, proudly so, exclusive. It is a passion for us and we greatly appreciate the friendship and personal support we receive. We do not have big marketing budgets or the backing of a billionaire but we do have a lot of time and support for the watch community. Enthusiastic Blogger, YouTuber, we need YOUR support to underpin our vision. That is why we only make 50 pieces of each Helicon Master Worldwide.

Isn’t it time you owned one?