The Evolution of Watch Collecting: A Journey with Helicon Watches

The Evolution of Watch Collecting: A Journey with Helicon Watches

As watch enthusiasts ourselves, we do love collecting watches. It's a pleasure to own, wear and enjoy theses miniature mechanical marvels. The craftsmanship, history and skill needed to create a timepiece is something that gives any watch fan great pleasure.

Watches and collecting go hand in hand. Times have changed and the days of owning just one watch have long gone. None of us now own just one pair of shoes; we have smart shoes, trainers (sneakers to our American friends) and boots, in fact a pair to suit our daily lives. We say watches should be the same, change your watch to suit the occasion and just as importantly to make yourself happy.

The passion for collecting watches has grown exponentially over the past few years. Collecting watches has been transformed from a few passionate individuals into a far more widespread part of today’s contemporary culture.

Of course, collecting watches for us has also been a passion that has developed over time and constantly evolves as do our tastes and interests. Luckily enough as a husband and wife team, it's a passion that we share, and whilst we each have watches that we love, we both enjoy the acquisition, arrival and owning of an intriguing and wide variety of timepieces is also a source of great joy. Certainly these timepieces, and the watches that have come and gone over the years, have informed everything we have created in the in our watchmaking careers. The inspiration for Helicon Watches came from being passionate collectors, we wanted Helicon to be our expression for the world of watchmaking.

And as informed collectors, we wanted Helicon to fulfil a niche that we ourselves would desire.

Owning a collection is a responsibility. Even watches that are not worn, need to be carefully stored and cared for with servicing a major responsibility.

For the Helicon Master, we chose a robust construction and a well made trustworthy movement which was simple to maintain. The watches have been built using the best materials, 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystals and ceramic bezels.

The Master was designed to high standards with its own anti magnetic faraday cage designed by us.

The Master has been designed to be supremely comfortable with a 38.5 mm size that suits most wrists. As collectors we know the value of rare, so we make just 50 pieces of each colour and that's it.

Notably, and for us this is significant, we wanted the Helicon Master to be a watch you wear without worry everyday, so it’s affordable.

In a time when people don’t like to wear some of their precious collection out in public, a Helicon Master gives you that rare combination.

Beautifully designed, well made, strictly limited production (all Masters are individually numbered) and affordable.

Now that's a watch that any discerning watch fan should add to their collection.