Dive Watch Water Resistance; How We Do It

Dive Watch Water Resistance; How We Do It

At Helicon, we understand the paramount importance of water resistance in dive watches. With our extensive experience in dive watch manufacture, we aim to dispel myths and offer insights based on real-world expertise.

Having worked on projects ranging from 100 metres to an impressive 3000 metres water resistance, we've witnessed firsthand the meticulous design, manufacturing, and testing processes involved in creating reliable dive watches. 

Our involvement in diving challenges, including witnessing a champion diver attempt a record-breaking dive to over 220 metres, underscores the extreme conditions our watches are built to withstand. We've learned from instances where electronic dive computers failed, emphasising the need for a reliable mechanical backup, much like the mechanical clock in sophisticated aircraft.

When crafting our dive watches, we meticulously engineer every aspect for durability and performance. Features like a double dome sapphire crystal and a 'triple seal system' crown and stem ensure optimal water resistance. Our screw-on case back provides a secure fit, while rigorous negative pressure testing guarantees integrity before final assembly.

The watches are assembled, the whole case without movement, and the case alone is subjected to a negative pressure test. This is when we extract the air out of the pressure testing vessel and we can see from an electronic measurement if there is any deflection in the case or its components. Only when the watch has passed this test do we reassemble the watch fully and then subject the complete watch with movement to the regular pressure to well in excess of its stated performance. 

Beyond water resistance, our watches undergo testing in various extreme environments to ensure they perform flawlessly wherever your adventures take you. Whether diving or traveling, the Helicon Master is designed to be your trusted companion, backed by expertise gained from real diving experiences.

Discover the reliability and durability of Helicon dive watches for yourself—your ultimate companion for every adventure awaits.

Our watch has also been tested in a variety of extremes; both hot and cold to ensure optimum performance in a variety of environments.

A dive watch is not just for diving, it’s your everyday everywhere travel companion. But rest assured, your Helicon Master had been designed for your every adventure by experts who have experience in real diving adventures!